QuickStart Guide

Important: Note your phone number, PIN and PIN unlock code (PUK) for future reference. These are printed on your SIM card under scratch labels.

Getting started

  1. Activate YellowSIM
  2. Insert YellowSIM™ into your unlocked and compatible mobile phone
  3. Switch on your phone
  4. Enter your PIN if needed
  5. Make your calls

Making a call

  1. You must have credit on your account to make calls
  2. Always dial numbers using the full international dialling code (even if dialling in country or within the UK) e.g. +44 7624 xxxxxx (some phones may not need the + before the country code). Do not include any preceding zeros in the area code. E.g. to call a London number dial +44207 xxx xxxx NOT +440207.

Receiving Calls

Your YellowSIM™ number is a UK based number. Give this to anyone you wish to receive calls from.

For someone to call you from outside of the UK they must dial +44 7624 xxxxxx. If someone is calling you from within the UK, they can dial 07624 xxxxxx.

Adding credit to your YellowSIM

YellowSIM balance could be recharged by following ways:

  • – YellowSIM Top-Up cards
  • – Top-Up Online via e-payment Services
  • – Top-Up online by credit card (coming soon)
  • – Text-Top-Up (coming soon)
  • – Auto-Top-Up (coming soon)

Configuring Data for Roaming

To set up and configure data on your YellowSIM, you need to:

  1. You will need to setup a new 'Access Point Name' (try to avoid editting an existing access point name) on your mobile handset. The access point name (APN) you need to set up needs to be called MOBILEDATA. You will not need a User name or password.
  2. Change 'Authentication' setting in your phone to normal (not secure)
  3. You MAY need to remove all other data connections, otherwise your phone may try to connect to your original suppler.
  4. Only select 3G option on your mobile if 3G data service is available. If you SIM does not connect, try setting to 2G service. Some handsets, Modems or Dongles may ask or need a number to dial, if this is the case with your device. When you have finished using data service, make sure you disconnect manualy otherwise you will be charged for data as your phone may still be connected.

Note: As with any mobile device, data connectivity is very reliant on a number of factors, including:

  1. Your device capability
  2. The local networks capability
  3. And – having a good signal
  4. And – not having network congestion. If the mobile signal is weak or fluctuating data sessions may drop out.

If you experience connection issues, always try manually connecting to a different network, or setting your SIM/device to "GSM only". This may give a more stable but slower connection speed.

Some Blackberry devices do not allow a new APN to be set up even if the Blackberry is unlocked. This is a device issue and not a YellowSIM issue.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

How to check if my handset compatible with YellowSIM?

Your handset must be unlocked. An unlocked handset means that your phone will work regardless of which mobile operator's SIM you put in it. Most handsets are sold locked to a particular network. Unless you have unlocked your handset or you purchased it "SIM FREE" or unlocked, it is highly likely that your handset is locked to your current network.

To check if your handset is unlocked, insert a SIM card from a different network than the network you currently use. For example, if you have a T-Mobile phone/SIM, try putting an Orange or Vodafone SIM card into your handset. If the phone will allow you to make outgoing calls with an alternative SIM inserted, then your handset is already unlocked. This means the YellowSIM will work in your handset – provided you have a compatible handset of course. If it does not work, then you will need to get your handset unlocked.

How to activate YellowSIM?

Your YellowSIM card will not work until it has been activated. To activate it, please follow next steps:

  1. Open YellowSIM Activation page (www.yellowsim.com/backoffice/activate)
  2. Fill all fields in the Activation Form
    • – 19 digits of ICC-ID Code on your SIM Card
    • – Your First name and Surname
    • – Your Address, Postal code and Country
  3. Check please if all information is correct and press "Activate SIM card" button bellow the form
  4. Your YellowSIM Card has been activated. You should receive SMS with password for access to your YellowSIM account at www.yellowsim.com/backoffice/login

How to get know your YellowSIM number

Dial 400 from your YellowSIM phone.
Also you can find your number printed on YellowSIM card.

How to get actual balance info

Dial 300 from your YellowSIM phone.

How to make calls

YellowSIM is direct-call Global Roaming provider. Just dial number and make a call.

How to Top-Up Balance

There are several methods of recharging your balance. Use any available of them.

I'm unable to make a call

Check you have call credit on your account by dialling 300 or by checking online.

Are you dialling correctly? Make sure you ALWAYS dial the full international format i.e. to call us in the UK dial +441908888670. Do not use any leading 0's. Even if you are in the UK you need to dial the country code. DO NOT substitute the + symbol with 00.

Is your handset compatible. You may need to use the manual dial prefix. Try dialling countrycodeandnumber# Don't forget the # at the end.

There may be a local network issue. Try manually selecting a different network from your handset menu.

Are you in a country that has coverage. My Phone displays SIM locked (or similar). There are several methods of rechargipng your balance. Use any available of them.

People unable to call me

There are several methods of recharging your balance. Use any available of them.


Please contact us by support@yellowsim.com If you have not found answer on your question or have an issue.