Why YellowSIM?

One SIM for
all countries

No Line Rental /
Setup Charges / Hidden Costs

Direct Dials
— No Callback

Low Cost
Incoming Calls

Easy, Instant
Top Up 24/7

200 countries / 50 Networks Coverage

Are you fed up paying roaming charges when using your mobile abroad?
Would you like to save on call charges and receive calls cheaply?

Using a YellowSIM International SIM card can significantly reduce your mobile phone charges when travelling abroad. Use your SIM for voice, SMS and roaming data and start saving.

Our International SIM cards offer exceptional call quality and reliability, and are chosen by professional and leisure travellers all over the world.


from 0.20 € / min.
inside Europe

0.20 € / min is the common cost of calls, for example from Italy to Austria


Travel everywhere with YellowSIM

Make and receive low cost calls in over 200 countries on over 550 networks around the world.

  • One SIM for all countries
  • No need to buy a SIM in each country
  • Lower roaming charges, calling and SMS rates
  • Huge savings compared with your normal mobile
  • One UK contact number for your friends and family to call
  • Any one can top up your call credit for you
  • Uses Tier 1 GSM networks for crystal clear conversations
  • 24/7 top up facility

What you see, is what you pay. No clawing back of unused call credit, no freebies enticing you in the short term, but charging you in the longer term.

from 0.20 € / MB
inside Europe

0.20 € / MB is the common cost of 3G data in most of EU countries


Make Business with YellowSIM

If you are a business traveller or represent an organisation that does a lot of business travel, YellowSIM will significantly reduce your mobile phone bills. Global business is now "the norm" and despite online meetings and web conferences, business still needs to be done face to face.

Keeping in touch with your sales team, project managers and the office is paramount, but can be costly when using mobile phones.

The YellowSIM card will reduce your costs.

  • Original UK +44 number
  • Works in most GSM Handsets
  • No monthly charges or connection fees
  • Conference / Group Calling
  • Real time billing & Lower roaming charges
  • Additional savings calling between YellowSIMs
  • Uses existing GSM networks
  • No monthly charges or connection fees